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Elise Lebec

  • Wishing everyone success! May the weather be easy when its time to travel to the awards. I will be in NY from the 25th to the 27th if anyone would like to meet up. Lots of love and Good cheer to you!!

  • “Cairo Morning” has been playing throughout the Middle east all during the 2017 year. It has had the most listeners coming from the 18-24 year old audience. Which is very encouraging to me because the message is all about peace and if there is to be a new way thinking it must come from the youth. What we do as artists does make a difference!!

  • @sophiaagranovich HI Sophia!! So happy to see you here too! My song “Cairo Morning” has been nominated for world music category. Many blessings to you and happy New Year!!!

  • Happy New Year everyone!! Im getting ready for the big event in NY! So excited for this special award ceremony honouring the human and environmental conscious artists in the world! Please be sure to check out my Song “Cairo Morning” for the world song category. Thank you!

  • Elise Lebec posted an update 4 months ago

    It is with great pleasure to present my peace song CAIRO MORNING, recorded in Cairo with a special arabic rap created by a Muslim artist and myself to convey that whatever faith we are we are all still human and deserve to have peace and treat each other with reapect and kindness. This is the first kind of crossover world music between the Middle…[Read more]